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Pyridine Hydrochloride

Pyridine Hydrochloride : 
product name Pyridine Hydrochloride
chinese name Pyridine Hydrochloride
english name Pyridine Hydrochloride
Popular name Pyridinium chloride
CAS NO. 628-13-7
Molecular formula C5H5N·HCl
Molecular weight 115.56
surface white or almost white powder
melting point 140-146°C
specification 99% min
package 25KG/drum

Pyridine Hydrochloride USING:
1、Pyridine Hydrochloride is mainly  used for pharmaceutical intermediates, biochemical research, organic synthesis.                 
2、Pyridine hydrochloride is the production of erythromycin as one of raw materials.                              
3、specifications:white crystalline,melting point:140-146 ℃,boiling point:222-224 ℃,Water soluble:85 G/100 ML.                    
4、Pyridine Hydrochloride is not soluble in dichloromethane.In the air easily hygroscopic and watery, with pyridine smell.
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