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pyridinium bromide perbromide

pyridinium bromide perbromide : 
product name pyridinium bromide perbromide
chinese name pyridinium bromide perbromide
english name pyridinium bromide perbromide
Popular name
CAS NO. 39416-48-3
Molecular formula C5H6Br3N
Molecular weight 319.82
surface red crystal powder
melting point
specification 90%min
package 25kg/drum

pyridinium bromide perbromide USING:

pyridinium bromide perbromide
Alter name: Pyridine hydrobromide compound with bromine; pyridinium tribromide
Cas no.: 39416-48-3
Purity: 90%min
Appearance: red crystal powder
Molecular formula:C5H6Br3N
Molecular weight: 319.82
Package: 25kg/drum
Uses: Intermediate of ethyl norgestrienonum, also used as bromating agent in organic synthesis.

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