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1,3-Dimethyladamantane : 
product name 1,3-Dimethyladamantane
chinese name 1,3-Dimethyladamantane
english name 1,3-Dimethyladamantane
Popular name 1,3-Dimethyltricyclo[,7]decane
CAS NO. 702-79-4
Molecular formula C12H20
Molecular weight 164.29
surface Colorless liquid
melting point 314~316℃
specification 99% min
package 200KGS/DRUM

1,3-Dimethyladamantane USING:
1、1,3-Dimethyladamantane is mainly used in medicine synthesis, manufacturing Menantine Hydrochloride and so on,treat alzheimer's disease.                                     
2、1,3-Dimethyladamantane Chemical Properties:Density:0.886,Water solubility:
Soluble in organic solvents,insoluble in water.Boiling Point:201.5℃,Melting Point:
-30℃,Flash Point:52℃.                       
3、Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container.Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Flammable.
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